Sitar player Rishabh Seen now endorses Laney Amplification!

Sitar player Rishabh Seen has been making his presence very felt across India over the past year. Besides his solo project, he has collaborated to create ‘Mute the Saint’, a classical meets metal experiment that’s creating waves around the world. Rishabh now endorses Laney Amplification‘s A1+, best suited for his sitar playing.

Rishabh Seen is the world’s first ever Sitar player to be endorsed by an amplification brand!

Here’s a bit of what Rishabh had to say about his Laney A1+ –
“Being an acoustic instrument player I wanted an Amp that sounded very real and full and had a lot of detail and depth. The A1+ not only gives me that, but also allows me to manipulate and hit the exact right frequencies to make a Sitar sound even stronger and bright, maintaining its acoustic nature. With so many other fun and interesting features it’s an all-in-one – Powerhouse!”


What started off as Sitar covers of Animals As Leaders songs ended up being something big for Rishabh. As a musician, Rishabh has always been focused and has continuously been working very hard to do what he does. He recently opened for biggies Aristocrats in India and Nepal, and over the past few months, he has played multiple shows across the country.

His band ‘Mute the Saint’ is the first Indian Classical-Progressive Metal band with some heavy, metal compositions teamed with melodious sitar playing. The band’s self-titled debut record comes out on 1st December 2016. You can check out their recently released song titled ‘Sound of Scars’ here:

Watch this space for more updates from Rishabh and many more artists!

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