Judging in the light of recent times, Adil Rashid may be looked upon as one of the youngest and fast-growing guitarists of the Indian music circuit. Just 27, Adil has already cultivated on various styles, experienced a bit of the lime-light and has had the great and rare honour of being associated with the Gibson franchise. Having the dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful and innovative musician, Adil wanted to be linked with the Gibson name ever since his days in the St.Thomas’ School Band. It was a happy co-incidence that the very first electric guitar that he owned was nothing but an Epiphone Special II, which he received as a gift from his uncle from USA. Driven by rigorous hours of hard-work and the urge to explore the unknown depths of music, he set out on a path which the general crowd would classify as rather ambitious and uncertain.

From his early years as guitarist, the music fraternity of Calcutta realized that Adil Rashid was not ‘just another guy with a guitar’, winning almost every competition and bagging the “Best Guitarist” in almost all the competitions he had participated in. Some of his accomplishments are as follows:

1. Campus Rock Idols (Eastern Region) – Best Guitarist – Year 2009.

2. IIT Kharagpur – Wildfire – Best Guitarist – Year 2010.

3. IIT Bhubaneswar – Best Guitarist – Year 2010.

4. IIT Kanpur – Synchronicity – Best Guitarist – Year 2008-09.

5. IIM Kolkata – Best Guitarist – Year 2008-09.

6. ISM Dhanbad – Best Guitarist – Year 2007,08,09,10.

7. MSIT Calcutta – Best Guitarist – Year 2010.

8. KIIT Bhubaneswar – Best Guitarist – Year 2010.

9. Techno India – Best Guitarist – Year 2010.

10. Jadavpur University – Best Guitarist – Year 2009-10.

11. Presidency University – Best Guitarist – Year 2009.

Adil prepared to face a level of competition which some might call to be out of his league. However, adapting and dominating had always been virtues which came naturally to him. Inspired mostly by big Rock’n’Roll names and legends, Adil spent hours picking up and jamming with tracks by Guns n Roses, Megadeth, Metallica, Paul Gilbert, Mr.Big, Vito Bratta, Django Reinhardt and many others. However, the urge to create and compose original music always lingered within him. In the year 2008, Adil Rashid formed the band WEAPONSHOP. An alternative, post-grunge outfit which would take the Kolkata music circuit by storm. Within a year of formation, Weaponshop had made its mark by wining Antaragini (IIT KANPUR’s annual fest), where Adil won his second Epiphone, as the “Best Guitarist”. Weaponshop were also the First Runners up from the Eastern zone in Campus Rock Idols.

Apart from, the big competitions, Weaponshop won almost each and every local band competition, with Adil time and again bagging the individual honors. Weaponshop’s music with its heavy riffs, groovy parts and jaw-dropping solos, soon took the local pub-scene and college scene by storm, creating a rage with its songs. However, complacency was never a part of his life. His hunger for innovation and originality led him to form Underground Authority in 2010. Influenced by Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop music, Underground Authority or ‘UA’ went on to be India’s first Rap-Rock outfit. Creating a confluence of heavy musicianship and powerful lyrics, UA soon showed the circuit that it was force to be reckoned with. Testing the limits of their music the band took a shot at the popular TV show, India’s Got Talent, Season 2, where the band reached the finals impressing big names like SALMAN KHAN, SONALI BENDRE, AYUSHMAN KHURANA and NIKHIL CHINAPA and following India’s Got Talent they played in the immensely popular TV serial BIGG BOSS 2 along with Mr. SALMAN KHAN. The band has also won several National and International competitions like Hornbill 2013, organized by the Nagaland Government, which is looked upon as one of the biggest rock competitions in the country along with playing in the most prestigious Music Festivals of our country NH7 (in 2015). He has also played with the guitarist of the legendary band SCORPIONS, RUDOLPH SCHENKER. However the biggest achievement and the fondest memory associated with India’s Got Talent, for Adil was his entrance into the Gibson Family. A moment which he will forever cherish. Apart from Underground Authority, Adil has also focused on various other projects involving different genres of music. He is also the current Lead Guitarist of the legendary Indie Band, EUPHORIA and performs all over the country with them. He is also a prominent personality in the hugely popular music show – Sa Re Gaa Maa Paa, where he is regularly seen performing with celebrities like SHUBHA MUDGAL, ASHA BHONSLE, KUMAR SANU, ALKA YAGNIK, SHANTANU MOITRA, PALASH SEN, BAPPI LAHIRI, etc.See link: http://www.zeebangla.com/shows/saregamapa-2015-sangeet-er-shera-mancha/video?page=2

He is also looking forward to release his own Instrumental project in the near future. He has been approached by Gibson Guitar India to release a lesson video for all the aspiring guitarists in our country and also abroad. He has also worked as a Product Demonstrator for Roland India, Boss, and Peavey. He was earlier endorsed by Hagstrom Guitars and Orange Amps. Adil hopes to explore new realms of music and grow substantially as a guitar player whose main objective is to make music to express. With his hoard of GIBSON guitars, which hopes will keep increasing, he is truly a guitar player on whom lies the responsibility of creating good and true music for future generations to be influenced and inspired by. Equipment:- Currently, Adil is a GIBSON supported artist and he is also endorsed by Rotosound Strings, He uses a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008, Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 50’s tribute, Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute and Rotosound “Yellows” strings on his guitars. His special effects include single units of Blackstar, T-Rex, Boss, Digitech & Line 6. He uses Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Blackstar and Orange Amps.


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