Gurdip Singh Narang is the bass guitar player and founder of the oldest and biggest Deathgrind/Brutal Death metal band to come out from India, Gutslit. He is also the founding member and bass guitar player of Indian Classical / Western Fusion band Agnya.

Gurdip has been playing bass for several years. Going by the famed title of ‘Brutal Sardar’ with Gutslit, Gurdip has stuck to his brutal guns and held together one of India’s most extreme metal bands. Gutslit is one of the very few bands to have toured Europe regularly and quite extensively in the past 3 years. The band has played heavy music festivals like Obscene Extreme, Brutal Assault, their ‘Skewering Europe tour’ and much more.

Agnya is something refreshingly different from what Gurdip normally does with Gutslit, in terms of music and his style of playing. Gurdip also a Spector Featured Artist and endorses Darkglass Electronics, besides playing D’Addario strings.

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