Keshav Dhanraj is a Partner/Composer/Programmer and Drummer for the band SANAM. Band SANAM – The band was initially known as the ‘SQS Project’, which comprised of Samar Puri (Guitars), Venky S (Bass Guitars), Sanam Puri (Lead Vocalist), and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums and percussion). The band later changed its name to SANAM, and welcomed a 5th member, Ben Thomas (owner of KNC Talent) as a vital part of the group as their business manager. The journey as SANAM began from there and has been growing fast and strong ever since. The band SANAM is currently India’s most popular band and has been making waves all over the world through their YouTube channel – They are currently the fastest growing Independent Music YouTube channel in India with over 5 Million (50 lac) loyal subscribers and over 945 Million channel views (94 Crore) over the last few years. The bands popularity and channel strength is growing steadily and is closing a Billion lifetime views. Band SANAM is not only popular in India but is also growing rapidly into the global market. The growth over the last few years has already resulted in the band playing to multiple SOLD OUT concerts in countries like Dubai, Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius, South America, Thailand, Europe, Isreal, South Africa and of course India. MANY other concerts are being booked for the next year as well. Besides repeat shows in all the Countries mentioned above, they also have shows being planned for U.S.A (Tour), Canada (Tour), Trinidad and Tobago, London, Belgium, Guyana, Fiji, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan and many others. SANAM is one of the only music artists in the world to have a viewership in almost EVERY Country in the world! Even countries like Ireland, Finland and others. This is just a small example to show the growth in just few years. The band’s performances have resulted in Headline newspaper articles in many countries as well as in many popular magazines. The band has features on some of the biggest magazine covers as well over the last 2 years. The band has been known to feature on multiple radio stations, newspapers articles and many magazines almost every month of the year. A simple Google search of SANAM Band in the NEWS tab will generate most recent results.

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